7 CATWALK MAKEUP Trends for winter

If you are not following makeup trends you are actually not a make-up lover. But did you know what Catwalk Makeup trends are?

Let’s discuss some winter make trends, There are 7 trends that catwalk make-up artist prefers:

Candy Apple:

Red lipstick is always one of favorite lip color for all girls. Red lips bright foundation and smoky eyes Give candy apple look. Some catwalk tips refer to use clear eyes. It will also give a casual makeup look.

Blue State:

Use blue liners or blue smoky touch in your catwalk eye makeup. Highlighted eyes and bright colors often prefer in winter days. Winter and spring days are colorless days. If you some bright and eye catching color it will create good combination with the environment.

Go for bronze:

As I mention before winter and spring days are colorless it also makes our skin dry and rough. Use Bronze foundations and other Faryal Make-up articles to add bronze and glossy touch in your catwalk make-up look.

Lash Out:

Teen girls take many tips to longer their eyelashes, Long lashes very near to girl’s heart. It’s also a famous trend of Catwalk make-up ideas. The model uses many types of lashed. Curly lash, Simple long lashes, starlet lashes, big spender lashes, prima donna lashes, Little flirt lashes, Pin-up lashes, Debutante lashes, angle lashes, Frechette lashes. For catwalk model also prefer feather lashes. Color lashes are also a trend.

Vampire Weekend:

Maroon lips, Black eyes, and white base define a concept of Vampire weekends, mostly magazine modeling prefer this classy combination. Many cosmetics brands use these makeup tones for their product marketing. Maroon is a color which sets on each complexion. It also has different shared you choose your suitable tone from Faryal Online buy catwalk makeup.

Sunset Streak:

Did you see ever models put some swollen eye make-up and white nude lines bellow their eyes? Yes, you are, it’s a class for western models. They prefer sunset streak makeup. Bright foundation and Sunset streak always a choice western make artists. They mostly use it with black wearing and white hairs. In our previous blog, we mention nude looks. You can use Sunset streak for nude looks too.

Along the Line:

When we talk about Catwalk how we can forget eyebrows. Use the dark pencil on your brows for highlighted is common. But according to catwalk make-up trends models are using color lines bellow their brows. They try to make it Thick and healthy.

Make-up trends changing day by day. Moreover, glitter is also one of a favorite thing of girls in winter make-up. Use glitter eye liners, Use glitter for eye makeup, or add some glitter on your blushes. Glittery lips also gave a charm.

For further updates keep reading Faryal Zafar Blogs. We bring quality makeup articles along with their usage tips. We also have hair care Skin care and styling products. Soon we will also design some exciting online buy offer for you. So keep in touch and enjoy your charming looks.

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